strategy + fidelity

stratifi (verb) /ˈstradəˌfī/: to plan & do with continued loyalty & support.


our journey.

In 2014, our Creative Director Marie Linne von Berg — then a designer for a non-profit in Virginia, returned from an opportunity abroad to her first remote contract offer. This jumpstarted her freelance design career and catapulted business relationships that would one day lay the foundation for Stratifi.

Demand grew and referrals came flying. As the workload grew, the leadership team at her main client supported her new dream of beginning a creative agency. With her dream in-hand, she made her first hire and formed her official LLC, Lost Pearl Creative.

Time stops for no one as all business owners know. There were trials and hurdles to progress both personally and professionally, but the team's support, work ethic, and passion for providing quality outcomes for clients, elevated the work and brought fresh, creative ideas to the table for the clients. As we met other business owners within the community, we discovered that they all had their own unique path; a journey waiting to be explored. It became our goal to define and communicate that path through creative strategy and innovative thinking. We fell in love with guiding businesses through design and developing the maps to reaching their goals.

We continued to pick up creative thinkers along the way and developed our team of pioneers as we wrote our story and grew into what we are today: Stratifi Creative -- a collective of designers, problem-solvers, and storytellers ready to discover where the road takes us next.

our partners.